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Thread: Fab 15 looking for new members!

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    Red face Fab 15 looking for new members!

    We are 'FieldsofDreams' and have 15 high achieving members who easily won our first team tournament ... love those 6,000 free coins! We're looking for new members to help our team grow. No chat necessary although there's always someone to answer if you feel like chatting. Help always available for lives. Hop in and give us a try, no hard feelings if we're not for you but would be great to see some new faces

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    Just to add, 'FieldsofDreams' have a white flower on green background for our badge. Hope that makes us easier to find!

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    Fab 15 up to Super 16, any more new players would be very welcome
    FieldsofDreams has no spaces if you're searching for us ... Character limitations!
    Fingers Crossed

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    Fab Fifteen have become Excellent 18! We need 12 more to make a full team. Loads of friendly daily players, receiving lives never a problem, last team chest and Team Tournament both won. We'd love to see new team members join us FieldsofDreams (no spaces), green flower on white background.

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    Now the Tremendous Twenty-Five

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    Thanks to this forum we are now up to 29 .. room for one more! We have a great team, lots of tips and tricks discussed and just finished the last tournament in 2nd position on 1,255 wins when we only had 25 taking part! Hopefully with a full team we can go one better next time. If anyone would like to take the last spot, we'd love to see you FieldsofDreams (no spaces), green flower on white background.

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    Still room for one more to join our supportive group of 29. Team challenges and chests never a problem and lives always available. Lots of chat and tips going on and we'd love to be at 30 before the next team challenge. FieldsofDreams (no spaces), green flower on white background. Hope to see you soon

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    I just joined FieldofDreams

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    We're very glad to have you Snuggs! Room for one last player if anyone is looking for a team with great support, tips and chat

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