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Thread: Looking for Team Members! Anyone is welcome!

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    Looking for Team Members! Anyone is welcome!

    We currently have five team members but would love to have more! Our team is called Clegane and our flag has a dragon on it (Yes, we love Game of Thrones. We have Jon Snow on our team). We have won every team tournament so far, but we are tired! It is tough to win with only five players. If you want to be on a hard working, fun loving team, we need you! All levels of players may join.

    I am looking forward to playing with you,


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    We 'FieldsofDreams' are in a similar situation. We have 15 high achieving players and are looking to increase numbers before next tournament/challenge. If you are struggling to find new members maybe we can consider a merge? I know it's not ideal to lose a team you've spent 500 coins making but there seem to be many teams out there with just a handful of great members , we'd be stronger together! Dee x

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    We can use exactly 15 members. Come join us!

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    Probably be easier for your 5 to migrate to our 16 to be honest but no problem if you'd rather not! You would be so very welcome if you decided to migrate though!

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    Hi Quizzled. We acquired a new Teammate today so we are going to stay put. Thanks for the offer. Good luck on this weekend’s competition!

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    No worries, we're up to 18 now, hopefully we can both get our teams up to full strength before too long. Have fun!

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    We are still looking for new players to join our team. Hope you can join us for this weekends competition!

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    The team competition has started! We are currently in fourth place but we need YOU! Please join team Clegane. Our flag is a dragon. I hope to meet you soon! We will be victorious!

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    Due to our new players, we won our team competition by 100 wins!

    Team Clegane is now up to 11 players. We have room for 19 more. We found out the hard way that if you leave a team to join another team after a competition starts, you can’t participate. We had one player who was sidelined. Competitions have been starting on Thursday lately. If you want to join us, try to do so by Wednesday so that you can participate. I hope to welcome you to our team soon!


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    Team Clegane won the competition by Saturday this week! Now our Sunday is free for other pursuits. We are up to 14 players. It sounds like we don’t need the other 16 players to remain victorious week after week, but if you want to have fun and be renamed Bob (huh...what??), there are good people from all over the world playing. We would love to meet you.
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