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Thread: Idea: Change days for events

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    Idea: Change days for events

    I think it would be a good idea to make the booster events both 3 days. So 3 days magical hat and 3 days treasure chest. In this ways the days would change for these events constantly. This would make the game more fun and more fair for people that work certain days. Now we always have team challenges combined with the magical hat. If this would be changed as stated above it would change constantly. More variation, more fun.

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    I would like to change this comment into, skip the magical hat and stay with the treasure chests. Certainly above level 3000 it's too hard without this feature. They also changed this in candy crush recently, in which game you btw only loose the last upgrade if you loose a level and not the entire package of boosters!

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    You could stay with two events per week if you want players to spent their boosters on getting a full chest or hat, but please also have 5 levels with the magical hat!

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