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Thread: [Question] Linking to Facebook and privacy.

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    [Question] Linking to Facebook and privacy.

    Hello! Just a quick question,

    I have recently linked Township to my Facebook account. So far, no problems, got the rewards and all, but I was a little concerned about the privacy of it.

    This started when I checked the friend rankings for the airport, and I got a cold shiver upon seeing my real name on it, instead of my city's name. It doesn't appear anywhere else (only my city's name on all other rankings, including regatta and events).

    Can township friends who aren't my facebook friends see my real name through there? Thank you in advance for the reply!

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    Hi Guguma, I am not on FB but do have at least 3 friends ingame who have their personal FB with real name linked to the game. Unfortunately I am no longer in a Co-op with them so can't ask if they see their real name on the plane leader board but I can tell you I have never been able to see anything other than their town names.

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    I will gladly double check this for you, but I think it is JUST your personal FB friends that see your first name only. Waiting for a non-FB friend to come back on to verify for certain.

    Oh, and I just noticed I only see the first names of personal FB friends in the list when I look at mine, so that should answer that.
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    Was able to verify that if someone is not your personal Facebook friend, they do not see your first name.

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    Thank you all for your answers! Really reassures me, hahaha.

    It was still very surprising the first time I saw it - I thought I was suddenly exposed!

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