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Thread: Optional Membership Fee :)

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    Optional Membership Fee :)

    How about say 20 Euro per month, 'members' would then get the equivalent in Town Cash for 'free'. This offer can be taken up or not, some people would probably love this method, &, it would be a guarantee of revenue for the game

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    I think this is not a good idea it would end up with those who can't afford to pay being unable to access some of the content as with most subscription based game like mmo's. I'm disabled and play to keep my mind occupied and away from the severe pain i live with day and night all year. I buy when I can afford to and certainly couldn't do it on a monthly basis. I wouldn't be able to play at all if your idea is taken up.

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    Hi Minimum501,
    I am also disabled & in chronic pain & so play for the same reason as yourself, that's why I suggested making it 'optional' , some players would pay some months, some would not. What I meant was, the months you pay, your 'Town Cash' would be free up to the value of that month's membership.

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    What exactly would be the benefit to this? If you can choose which months to pay it is not guaranteed income for the developers and if all you get is T cash to the value of your payment how is it different to just buying T cash?

    Not saying it is a bad idea, just not quite sure exactly what you are suggesting.

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    It could be paid directly from a bank, so I think more people would pay this on a regular basis. As it is people just buy T. Cash as needed, but this way they would spend more, just a thought.

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    A suggestion for increasing revenue and decreasing annoyance

    Your pushyness during events as a tcash grab is starting to ruin the game for me and a lot of friends who play it.
    Why not offer a monthly membership, which I've been happy to pay for with other games?

    So, for a few dollars a month, members might get a monthly 50 tcash bonus plus a few gems, 10% factory speed increase, and a few other goodies. Then ditch the desperate attempts at grabbing more Tcash which ruins it for both the free players and the ones who have spent money on the game in the past.

    And maybe have a community manager who is willing to work on outreach, build rapport with players, and that will encourage more people to feel involved in the game itself and pay the monthly membership.

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    Jazzberry, I fully agree with you, I think your ideas are fantastic, particularly better customer care as the lack of this vital ingredient has (customer relations) has stopped me, for one, getting more involved with the game financially, other people have said the same thing to me, shame really, as the game has the potential to be wonderful

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