I am the leader of the team "3000 n up 2 win", and we as a team had issues in the last competition over 4th of July weekend. Some of the team members had a competition goal of 900 shields while others had a goal of 2050 shields. This didn't make sense because one member had a goal of 900 while playing at about a 4000 level, while another member had a 2050 goal while being about a 3000 level player. So, we achieved the 900 shield goal, and some players got the prizes in the chest. Some of the 900 goal players didn't receive their prizes, and none of the 2050 goal players received a prize. Playrix, could you please correct this problem, explain this problem, and make sure that all future competitions only have a single goal for the entire team. Thank you for looking into this. Did anyone else have issues like this?