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Thread: Let's repair and not drastically change

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    Let's repair and not drastically change

    I opened a new site and on the very first day I was disappointed. Mysterious marble ruins and a statue of the ancient Roman God Fountain inspired thoughts about the ancient site. But .. The ruins were dismantled, the statue was taken away, and then we began to create a fairy-tale forest, like from children's fairy tales. Please, don't do that! The sites on the first day (when nothing has been removed yet) look prettier and more interesting than on the fifth day. Either do not show these mysterious ruins, which then delete, or let's restore them. Do not kill interest in the site .. I want to repair what i see in a collapsed state, and not to build something completely new..

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    I agree. Sometimes I like the look of the area much better than when you spend time “fixing” it throughout the game.

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    I do agree what you say.

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    I also agree . When a new site is opened to restore it already has a theme set. Please don't spoil the game by turning these new areas into something that resembles Disney World.

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    Agree that my 'garden' is more a carnival then a garden. Too many things can't be changed or options are all pink and purple. It's not 9 year old girls playing this game. Too many areas are too cluttered. Especially in the area with the horse, the old oven, fence and barriers looked way better then the new ones you could choose from. And that dino park, horrible!

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