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Thread: Unable to add township friends

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    Unable to add township friends

    I know the limit of township friends is 50 but I have friends who have just started playing so I removed 4 of my township friends so I could add them to my friends list but I get the message I have reached the max limit of friends. All of the rest of my friends come from Facebook so why can't I add my friends to my township friends list? Please help because now I have just lost 4 township friends unnecessarily.

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    Have you try counting your in-game friends? Sometimes they allowed you to add more than 50 (a glitch or if you add the same person on Facebook AFTER you added them on game), and therefore the game is saying you already have the maximum number of friends allowed.

    Try counting and deleting until you are under 50 and you can add again

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    I wish they would at least raise the # of friends we can have.
    Dallas Oakcliff

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    I just wanted to add that I recently had an issue where I kept getting the message that I had the max number of in game friends even though I only counted 48 in game friends on my list. Support told me that the limit of 50 includes any pending friend requests that you have sent to other players. In my case, I had 2 friend requests that I have sent to other players and those players have never accepted (they both say "Waiting For Response" in the pending friend requests tab). So my 48 actual friends + 2 pending friend invitations = 50 limit.

    If you have any pending requests that you've sent out, you can delete them (click X in upper corner).

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