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Thread: Lagtime in Getting Lives

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    Lagtime in Getting Lives

    I requested lives from my team 20 minutes ago, and it shows in ‘Chat’ that I’ve received 3 out of the 5, but none of those have shown up for me to accept. Has anyone else had that problem. I’ll wait and see how long it takes before I notify them through the game, but this is ridiculous.

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    So last night, in checking this out above, I had stopped playing because I had no more aquatasks. My request for lives in the chat room said I had 3 out of 5 lives, but the most I ever got was 2. In fact, this morning the request is gone, meaning I probably received all 5 lives, but I still only had 2 (the same 2 from last night). So I’ll definitely be contacting them.

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    Yes, I too have been having problems getting lives. Plus (I posted this in another thread) since I have 340 fishdom friends I never run out of lives nor need to request lives until now..then lives are sent but it takes a long long time to receive them. I see that I should have 5 but only got one..why all of a sudden am I running out of lives and having to request them..???..

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