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    The Blossoming Boulevards Event Decor

    Hi everyone,

    What do you think of these? How have you decorated your town for the new Blossoming Boulevards event?

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    Quite a few new decos, yet only one is rewarded. Let’s just hope an event sale comes!
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    Yes, yes, yes!!! On the new decos!

    I bought the gnomes, the rose, the fairy in the water flower, & the swing.

    Now. I'm desperately trying to earn more tcash to buy the other decos.

    I was surprised that only one deco can be earned, and that ornament the ornamental shrub award one.
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    I'm very disappointed that only one new deco is an event reward.
    No way to get the new ones except by buying with Tcash?! Very bad idea IMO.

    And: The new decos are nice, but - after all these announcements about flowers and (here in the forum at least) wishes for SMALL deco - I would have loved to get simply the little flowerpot from the Event, that is displayed bottom right at the moment. Size 1x1.

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    Yes, I agree, it‘s disappointing, but quite common these days ... *sigh* has been the same in the last four or five events also ...

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    Yes was very disappointed with not being able to win decos. Really want a couple but not paying t cash to get them. We have truck getting ready to need a new leaf spring I think my hubby called. Says it supports the axle so sounds important which also means expensive

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    Garden gnomes!!!!!!
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    Hi Zelda. One is beside my town sign (Mother Nature Pond) and the other is behind my Airport (Beginning Gardener Training).
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    Here's what I have so far..

    I thought I was doing to be disappointed with these, but I'm not. They're lovely! Gnomes are my favourites, definitely.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bessville View Post
    Here's what I have so far..

    I thought I was doing to be disappointed with these, but I'm not. They're lovely! Gnomes are my favourites, definitely.

    Just lovely!!!
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