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Thread: seeing tasks but no chests

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    seeing tasks but no chests

    I'm in my first seasonal regatta, and am at a low level compared to the other members of my coop. I can choose from tasks that are appropriate for my level, and there are other ones greyed out that require a higher level. When I look at the section just below the list of tasks available, I can see what other members are working on. One of the four seems to be working on three tasks at once (a chest?). The others are working on single tasks.

    I did the last interseasonal task as a solo racer, and was used to choosing one of the three tasks in a chest to work on. I completed eight of nine chests plus a number of single tasks.

    If I can't choose a task from a chest does that mean that I won't get any chests as a reward at the end of the regatta? If not, what can I earn?

    As an ancillary question, what are the consequences if I stop racing before the regatta is over?

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    Hi Douglas, take a look at our regatta FAQs here, and follow the links contained in there (to Playrix's Support pages) to find out all you need to know.

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    In some regatta seasons, there is a special combination task that includes three different tasks that can be worked at once. Each of the three is usually easier than would be asked for for the same points for that task alone (say 3 planes instead of 4). Some people like them, others think they are more work all together.

    If you signed up to race this event, it would be unkind to your other coop members to stop. The coop is put in a competition group with the same number of racers, so your coop would end up short of tasks compared to the other teams, maybe dropping a league if they finish in the bottom.

    Just stick it out and get as many tasks done as you can, then change your setting to not racing for the future. It won’t effect your ability to anticipate in the interseasonal event. Once you reach a higher level, with more of the animals and boats, you can try seasonal racing again.
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    Mayfield, thank you for the great explanation and the encouragement.

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