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Thread: Blossoming Boulevards Event [General Discussion]

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    So I am very very new and find this hard. Thanks for the information.

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    😝 yuck, I can not do this one. I don't seem to get the arc to bend right. I saved my flowers thinking I'd get on a roll and do a lot at one time. Big mistake! I had enough for forty tries and couldn't do more than a house or two.If I had realized how horrible I would be at this game, I would have saved a ton of ingredients. Just kicking myself at the waste. I do seem to have mastered parachuting just fine!

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    You guys are right the arch is totally off! What seems to work for me is to aim for the farthest edge of the building and then I land in the middle of the building.
    The x2 booster doesn’t seem worth it since it only doubles your flowers and not the balloons🤷🏻 Not worth blocking the arch anyway.

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    Though I still enjoyed the event, it was clear that they'd made it a bit harder than last time. I didn't have any of those very narrow inverted V-shaped roofs last time. I also was getting more points per run, as well.

    And yeah, the prizes are truly awful for most of the levels. Playrix seems to have forgotten how to reward players in their games.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bethany Clarke View Post
    Though I still enjoyed the event, it was clear that they'd made it a bit harder than last time. I didn't have any of those very narrow inverted V-shaped roofs last time. I also was getting more points per run, as well. .
    I remember those pointy buildings with the teeny landing zone from the jumping piggy / Christmas lights event, they always made me nervous. I'm having better luck with them this time around.

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    I'm pretty terrible at this game. I'm currently working on finishing the final personal goal, and after I do, I'll be done.

    I don't enjoy this game even a little. I just want to be finished.

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    As usual, I'm finding that the less intensely I concentrate, the better I do. By a lot. Every time I slow down and overthink it, I miss, even the easy ones.

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    I happen to be one who really enjoys this event setup. I do agree that the arc seems a bit off this time and thus I have had to adjust mine to hit the platform, still over- or under-aiming as well. No worries, however... when I fall I just let that round go. And sometimes stop playing for a bit so my rooftops don’t stay as small, and boy are some of them tiny!

    Like Bess mentioned a bit above, I have found that since my personal goal has been met I’ve really enjoyed playing. I’ve earned two or three additional chests and just enjoy getting whatever little “prize” I get.

    I love the final reward and may buy a second but like others I do think it’d be nice if a second deco were rewarded.

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    Blossoming Boulevard

    This game sucks you could come up with something a little better

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    Bit late in the day with this but I’m sure it will apply to events with the same theme. Looking at you Lantern Festival.

    I sampled 40 attempts and took an average of the balloons captured across those attempts.

    The average is 7.5 balloons. The lowest captured was 4 and the highest amount was 12.

    I then estimated a target score based on using 250 rockets. The result here was -12 from my target goal. Pretty accurate I’d say considering I estimate around 650 balloons to collect over the test.

    Looking at an end of event potential score:

    If we calculate this based on 6 days playing over 8hrs per day, excluding HOL, gift balloons and purchases. We’d be at the workshop every 30 minutes totalling around 18 goes at the workshop creating a minimum of 6 rockets per go. 108 rockets per day and 648 rocket over the course of the 6 day period.

    Using my average balloon capture of 7.5. First we divide the total rockets by the cost to play which is 3 then simply multiply by my average score to get the final score when the event ends.

    Now baring in mind that’s a fairly dedicated amount of time to build and play. 8hrs per day each half hour is a fair amount of commitment.

    Anyway, the final score which I’m sure you can all work out quite easily is 1620.

    With that score in mind and knowing the effort and time required to achieve, take a look at the global leaderboard top score and see how it pales in comparison. Simply astounding!

    20’000 Balloons at time of writing.

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