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Thread: No one to race - 15 person co-op

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    No one to race - 15 person co-op

    We have a 15-17 member co-op, we've actually raced a few, but most of the time we have absolutely no competition. We've been in the gold league from the first chance we could after 3 races. We've had 2 very good battles - but the team is tough to get motivated to fight invisible goals aka rankings when there are no teams to fight. I am a stats person and keep tossing our goals out there each race, but there is nothing better to motivate then seeing those little sails passing and re-passing each other. We'll never be a t-cash team and no, don't wish to battle w/ the 50k pt teams, but good friendly fun that we've had a few times is all we ask. Why do we continue to sail alone? Hard to keep the edge, as a leader on a team that is visually oriented and not prone to kick tail by the numbers and arbitrary goals. My team doesn't give a da-- about rankings when we fought no one to get there. The lack of interaction w/ other teams bores my players, so it's a double whammy where we won't go up the rankings for little reason.

    Is there no cuing system in their servers? It's not like there aren't tons of teams out there this size - when we can search and list a hundred or more .... seriously the potato servers w/ their algorithms need to get the bracketing system together. It's just math. It's not that hard!

    Frustrated team, wanting to compete and race, dancing with ourselves,

    Git 'er Done - co-op.
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    You’re not being placed in a race with any other teams? I’m trying to wrap my head around this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Veganville View Post
    You’re not being placed in a race with any other teams? I’m trying to wrap my head around this.
    I think they want to race against teams with the same style as theirs in order to feel the race. Not too strong and not too weak.

    One main problem we have with international regatta is many teams sleep while we play and play while we sleep. That alone kills the "race" feeling for most.

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    but the OP says indeed "sail alone", and it doesn't sound as if they saw only changes after someone else racing during their night. Just one team in a race, and more than once..? must be a bug, IMO.

    Orionztail, (if racing alone) has it been reported ingame? which OS is that in your group?

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    Have to tried racing with fewer people? If you had a couple set to not racing, the software might be able to get you in a race with a few other teams. I would think there should be plenty of other coops at 10 or 12 racers.

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    Could the OP be playing on Windows. I think I saw a post some time ago saying that Windows players never had any teams to race against. I felt quite envious.

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