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Thread: Add function to move around chunks of town at a time

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    Add function to move around chunks of town at a time

    I'd like to suggest an addition to the edit mode function of the game.

    There are chunks of my town that I love dearly and never rearrange, but every time I expand my town, I find that if I want to move that chunk of my town, I have to move or add each decoration, building, path, or field, square by square (or item by item for buildings). It's super annoying when I want to move my fields/farming area. Since I have over 100 fields, I have to select each one, put it into the edit mode storage, then replace everything the same way, same position just a couple rows/expansions over. It's even harder if I want to rotate that just that small chunk of my town.

    It would be extremely nice to have a function where players can select chunks/areas of a town, and then move/rotate that entire chunk with all its components inside to another area in the town (as long as the necessary amount of area needed to place the chunk is available and the correct base is present (for example, no water or roads on the area u want to place it on, etc).

    Even a rudimentary version of this would be appreciated greatly, for example, only being able to place it on ground of one type (snow, dirt, grass only), or not being able to rotate, etc.

    I'm not sure if this has been suggested before but if anyone can direct me to that thread I'd appreciate it(I tried doing a search, as well as read both the frequently suggested and cannot implement lists, and didn't see it on there).

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    I like this idea Lazyville. I too have sections I like to keep together and it would make rearranging where these areas are placed in my town so much easier. I hate having to move my fields especially 1 by 1, even worse getting the specific crops grouped back together, as they seem to just give me any random field back from the edit mode!

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    Awesome idea! I started off way too fast through the lower levels, and now I'm moving things around constantly trying to make things look better. This option would make things so much easier. I know my foundries will always stay with my mine, my fun time area is going to stay together (carnival rides, gokart,bowling, etc), and my fields are always going to be together. Just a few examples. I vote a million times over for this option!

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