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Thread: Can people really "accidentally" take reserved tasks?

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    It would be nice if tasks that are reserved CANNOT be taken by other than the player that did the reservation. Presumably, that is why there is a timer on the task reservation. Should another player really desire the task they can always message the group to have that player release the reservation.

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    Siege, that may work for your co-op but it wouldn't work for ours. We have a philosophy that we play as a team, if someone else has items prepped for a reserved task and can do it sooner they should take it. But then we would never reserve a task and then start prepping. For us long factory tasks get dumped unless somebody has made the item in advance. If they have they can reserve the task and communicate in chat,I have 8 of those ready to go can take the task in an hour for example. Then if someone else needs a task first also has 8 items prepped and can clear the task from the board quicker they can take it.

    Not saying either way is right or wrong,but you can't force every other co-op to follow your rules. Your co-op needs to set its own rules on reservations and get rid of people who don't follow them.

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    No I don't think it's a mistake they take it because they want to. My whole thing is this if you take a reserved task then you better show or have a player sit there and say that it was okay to take it, if not you are getting booted out of my coop. Because the person who deserves that task they prepped for it and some were going to come along and take it because they already have the stuff, should have taken it when you had the chance so no it's not a mistake that they take the task they know what they're doing

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    Quote Originally Posted by Graylady View Post
    Could be someone in a hurry, clicking OK without reading the message, realizing 1 second too late it was not the regular confirmation message.
    I just took a task the other day one of my co op members reserved. It was first thing in the morning & I had reserved a easy task the night b4. I just clicked my phone & didn't realize It wasn't my task until I was barely reading other players name as I was clicking. Then it was too late to go back. Maybe a go back button on task would help. Yes it's possible to take a task on accident. First thing outta bed & update your game is one way to do it

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    Leaders must can see what player take or dumped what tasks in special page.or possiblity to recieved report of customer support whem some players want create problems dor some cops

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    Just out of curiosity I check on what they look like on PC and they are different. Next time I'm on my Kindle town I will check there also.

    Regular Dump


    Reserved Dump

    Reserved Dump.jpg

    I don't know if they make any difference. I've had a co-op member take one of my tasks before. It was not that big a deal to me but for some one that had planned out a task I can definitely see the issue.
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    No, unless they leaders of the the co-op or if the time of preserving was finished

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