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Thread: Can people really "accidentally" take reserved tasks?

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    We don’t reserve quick tasks. Not that it’s a rule but simply out of friendship and respect fir each other.
    We only reserve long tasks for overnight so others can see we have prepped/ planted.
    Why should the reserves be removed from the game?, the coop leader does the job of making the rules and should enforce them.
    I agree with Graylady, it doesn’t make sense to reserve tasks that everyone will want to jump on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cuddz View Post
    the coop leader does the job of making the rules and should enforce them.
    Exactly. Different coops use the Reserve function differently and they each get to decide for themselves. Some coops use them not as a personal reserve but only as an indicator not to dump. A lot of coops, especially larger ones, don't use them at all. Some coops allow reserves only for long prep tasks like factories and boats. Mine allows reserves for anything except hol.

    Even among those that do use them, there may also be rules about how long they can sit. Some coops, for example, ask players not to let reserves sit more than a couple hours.

    But the fact that so many coops do use them one way or another does show that there are good reasons to leave them in the game.

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    I am the leader of a co-op with 28 members, all of us over level 50 and a few over 100. I had to kick a member for the first time today becasue she kept taking reservations, 5 in the past week. It says right in our co-op introduction, 'no regatta pressure but we respect reservations'. The problem is, this person apparently joined an english-speaking co-op and does not speak english. we asked her 3 times in chat to stop taking reserved tasks but she never answered us so we had to kick her when she did it again today. This is our only rule, and we are a very relaxed bunch who help each other a lot. we hated to lose her but we shouldn't have to suffer because she doesn't speak our language.

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    If you spend money on the game you probably won't get the helicopter ad person. It is probably possible to accidentally take a reserved task in the same way that if you aren't careful you can take a task when are trying to dump it. If you leave your finger on the screen too long it might be on the accept button before you pull away if it pops up in the right space.

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