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Thread: Zoo orders need to be more varied

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    Zoo orders need to be more varied

    I’ve noticed that all the zoo orders seem to be the same things over and over. E.g. 9 bread, 7 granola bars etc.

    I am making all sorts of items and end up stockpiling too much of certain items because they are never used in orders for some reason. It would be nice for a little more variation on the type of item and the amount of that item too.

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    I'm actually grateful the orders aren't more varied, because then I'd have to stockpile everything and my barn can't take it

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    I find it's the same in town, that many items are not used often, just the same ones again and again, even in events.
    I'm torn between the two opinions here keep boredom or add more stress, both not so desirable indeed.

    but I do think we'd need a Delete button for zoo orders , as these 9'er amounts are just awful, and STILL not lowered as promised.

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    To be fair I didn’t think of it that way! It’s a double edged sword really, but i definitely agree the 9ers need to be lowered!

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