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Thread: What do you stockpile in your barn? πŸ˜€

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    What do you stockpile in your barn? πŸ˜€

    What do you purposely stockpile? And how many of each do you keep?

    I'm trying to stockpile:

    Cotton fabric




    Loaves of plain bread





    Ice cream






    Corn chips



    I'm sure there's more, but my mind is going blank.

    The problem is that I also need to use these items. Silk is probably the hardest thing to accumulate.

    And it seems like the very moment I have a decent amount of something, it is exactly what my trains roll up wanting, or my zoo suddenly needs 9 of. 😁

    Any tips and tricks for stockpiling?

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    It all depends on your barn size of course.

    One item, not on your list, I can't keep enough as everybody request some : bagels. Even if I have 30 in stock, I will buy any I see in my market boxes. 2 or 3 zoo requests for 9 of them and my stock disappear fast.

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    Currently, I stockpile suits because they sell for 330 coins a piece. Having 4 of them gets you 1000 coins. There are other things you could make that cost more coins, but I find suits easiest to make.

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    Yes, BAGELS!

    And doesn't it seem when you need bagels, your whole coop & all your friends need them too!ν ½νΈƒ
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    My list is similar to yours, Big Boy, although without the bread. Of that I have only about four or five, because it takes such a short time to produce.

    I buy all silk (raw or woven) and all rubber/rubber products, the merchant has to sell. And all rarer island products with the exception of plums.

    Unfortunately my barn doesn’t allow excessive stockpiling yet. Each built CB will make that better, I hope. Therefore I regularly buy new boxes at the market (a kind of outsourced stockpile ).

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    I have a sweet tooth. I usually grab all the sugar factory products.

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    Yep to sweet stuff, anything regularly requested and some island products. Right now I'm trying to use up some of my bronze ingots using the ship booster, so I may well be drowning in island produce very soon.

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    Field Items: 10x each item

    Farming Items: 10x each item

    Factory Items: 2x each item, except dairy, bakery, sugar, rubber, textile & paper...10x each of items that are used the most

    Island Items: 10x each item

    Mine Items: whatever I can hold

    Building Materials: only when I need a cb built.

    Barn Tools: always collecting the exact amount needed

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    These days around 20 items , since I manage to reach over 3000 barn space.
    When I play events I may have more staff of what event need. Events special items I buy from dealer.
    Some plants, like silk, coffee, I buy in market, from dealer I regularly buy banana bread for feeding ducks.
    Building material I keep at low value unless needed, except material for upgrading barn.
    I also keep items in factory or fields until needed.
    Bagels are certainly most needed staff since they change zoo .
    Some factory like sugar, bakery and dairy I upgraded so, that they need 50% less time to produce.
    Trains are also almost there, at a moment I`m at 40% , so they need less then 3hrs to come back.

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    I stockpile anything that is a raw material for something else: sugar, syrup & caramel; cream, cheese & butter; cotton, yarn and silk; rubber, plastic and glue; also paper, chocolate, clay and espresso. I try and keep some extra gold ingots to add to ships too. I aim for about 10 to 12 of these items but 20 to 30 of sugar because that seems to get used up really quickly. I also stockpile cacao because it takes so long to grow and is used in several other products. I only stockpile the building materials for the next zoo enclosure. My barn is 1860 and this seems a good size now, it's always full of course but it's manageable now.

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