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Thread: ran out of time on task

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    ran out of time on task

    What are the consequences of running out of time to complete a task? I'm doing my first regatta (interseasonal) and I'm racing solo in a one person coop (didn't want to ruin the race for anybody else if I made mistakes.) I accidentally let the timer run out on the third task in a chest. (Left the game and didn't get back in time.) Now the task doesn't seem to be available for a retry, Red X on the chest and the failed task and green checkmarks on the other two tasks that I did complete in that chest.

    What would be the difference if I was in a coop with other racing players rather than solo?

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    Long story short: The chest is lost.

    If the other 2 tasks were completed in the chest then the overall team points earned from those remains. You just won't get the chest counted towards your chest total.

    Nice thing about ISR is that it is set up to be a relax week. If you were in an easy-going co-op...they shouldn't get their feathers too ruffled. If you were in a co-op of die-hards...they'll probably be mad and may kick you, especially if it is a golden or precious chest, but that is going to an extreme end of things.

    If you do build your co-op or join another co-op...mistakes will happen...just own it, apologize and be mindful in the future.

    Hope that helped to answer your question

    These links will take you to sites for further explanations into ISR:
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