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    Looking the event decorations on Facebook I’m not terribly disappointed at all. I love the flower goddess shown in the in-game sneak peek and the flower swing. I’m super excited about the return of the flower bug! If the fairy in lotus is animated with the lotus flower blossoming to reveal the fairy then I will definitely get it, otherwise I’m not sooo sure just because it’s a little more cartoony than I prefer. As for the topiary contest meh it’s not my favorite buuuut I’m obsessed with decos and will probably get anyway. I do still wonder as to what other decorations will be included...?
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    I’m hoping maybe a repeat of the flower street lamps...

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    If the lotus does open up to reveal the fairy, I agree, it might be worth considering. But otherwise, I’m not thinking so β€” yet that may change when I can β€œsee” it in my town before purchasing.

    I was so hoping for actual plants and trees, or potted urns and things of that sort... not elaborate decorations with a blossomy theme if that makes sense.

    Oh well, that is what motivates me with the zoo. At least trees become available from time to time... πŸ™‚

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    Quote Originally Posted by Magnolia Township View Post
    I’m hoping maybe a repeat of the flower street lamps...
    Yes, it is!
    Unfortunately the Lily is not animated. But for of the bigger decorations are!
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    Thread for discussing the event decor now open, here.

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