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Thread: fix player ranking

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    fix player ranking

    It seems to me that the player ranking isn't working.
    I'm at the end of the game, with several hundreds of keys, and I don't see me in the ranking of my country, even when I complete the weekly level before most of players in my country.
    Does anybody else experiencing the same thing?

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    Hello Playrix !

    Do you read your forum ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alkerion View Post
    Hello Playrix !

    Do you read your forum ?

    Probably not the forum is a place for players to interact with eachother, it's not a customer support platform. In order to reach them directly, you can do so directly from your game. Go to Settings > Help and Support, and you can message them from there (here is a more detailed guide if needed).
    Good luck!
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