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Thread: Why can't Gardenscapes be a bit more like Fishdom ?

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    Why can't Gardenscapes be a bit more like Fishdom ?

    Having played both games for a while now I must say that Gardenscapes gets more and more frustrating. So few coins and no boosters for so difficult levels is what the other forum members have already said and what I have to underline as well. But what is the use of the tasks? I was looking forward to planting and cleaning up. But what is the sense in fighting through really hard levels with very few moves in order to take a kitten from a tree of to open a stupid rotten suitcase or to put a tricycle (!) away? Why does a simple call to a friend or a craftsman require two (expensive ) levels? Why is Austin so utterly sentimental about his past?
    I definitely need more rewards. Rewards that really are worth this term. I want to cut trees, clean the lawn and the lakes and ponds and build fountains and banks etc. Things that are done in a GARDEN.

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    I totally agree with this comment. I used to play fishdom a couple of years ago and i even enjoyed the daily activities of cleaning the tank and feeding the fish and getting more fish and decorations and getting coins for doing these tasks that I could then use. I would really appreciate the daily spin on the desktop version. I have no boosters at all and struggle through each level. I also play **another game **and you can play endlessly gaining access to coins that you can buy things with. The variety of things to buy for your garden can get pricey but that just means you have to play longer and better to gain the needed coins. I appreciate this when I have down time and would love to spend the whole time playing but inevitably I'm running out of lives and i have to wait a couple hours. No fun.
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    I agree that many tasks have nothing to do with gardening, to many stars are lost by calling, repairing etc., to be short: i think that we are using to much stars wich you don't see back in the garden.

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