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Thread: Help!, Accidentally bought wrong voucher fish

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    Help!, Accidentally bought wrong voucher fish

    This game makes it so easy to make a mistake in accidentally purchasing something. It gives you no double check warnings like ‘Are you sure’ so that you don’t accidentally push the wrong button. Well I accidentally bought the pirate fish when I wanted the kitten. I went to buy them and hit cancel instead of buy but when I went back in, it was to the pirate fish and before I knew it I hit buy and it was done. I literally screamed out loud OH NO!! And woke up my entire household. I’ve asked support for help but I have heard mixed things about them actually helping. What do you all think my chance are of getting it reversed. This to me is disastrous enough that I may consider never playing again. Too much money goes in to this for this kind of mistake to go unresolved. I saved for a long time for those fish. I’m very upset.

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    So I got a generic answer to this under the request I officially sent through help and support. I was given no actual help. I want this fixed as I said in my request for help under the help and support section. I have spent an obscene amount of money on this game which I would admit to no one in the real world. I have not spent a dime since nor have I played. I will not do anything until this problem has been solved. I contacted you the SECOND it happened. If you want to keep paying customers then take action to actually fix this and not just send generic replies. If you want pissed off former customers who no longer pay or play and talk about their lack of help in social media then please feel free to ignore me.

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    Please keep in mind that you have to reply to the initial automated message you receive, letting them know that the suggestions didn't help and you are still in need of assistance. If you don't, your ticket might be closed and assumed to be resolved. After you reply, someone from the support team will get in touch with you and help you out.
    Good luck!
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