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Thread: Regattas brackets, any rhyme or reason?

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    Agree! Jejeje, I live in America and the race starts at 4 am on Tuesday for me, no way I will wake up at that hour for the race. So I end up waking up at 6 or 7 am, I start racing around 8 am or 9 am. Lol by the time 95% of the time there is always the first place taken by all the full maximum points, and anything from 2nd to 5th place have more than half the race done as well. I usually end up between 9th-11th place because I'm not going to wake up so early for it, and I won't spend my hard earned t-cash on the race for what? To say I "brought" the first place, cause it doesn't feel like you won the first place if you spend so much t-cash.

    Is a game after all, I enjoy it I won't let it make me stress, I want to race just for the tokens, and buy the boosters/ingtos and some decos on the Watch club and even for the fun of doing tasks. It is what it is! The developers won't change this because a lot of people they get sales from are people from the regatta, even thought other people get the t-cash needed during inter seasonal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deano4England View Post
    The problem of different time zones (USA being at a disadvantage of being asleep at start time etc) is a very easy one to solve.
    Week 1 race starts at 9am BST.
    Week 2 race starts at 3pm BST.
    Week 3 race starts at 9pm BST.
    Week 4 race starts at 3am BST.
    Every player would have the same amount of weeks where they have an ‘advantage’ and same for ‘disadvantage’. At least that would be fair
    Just to be a bit clearer Deano, staggering the start time or time zone grouping were just suggestions against what I think is the larger problem, mismatch in racing styles, spenders versus planners. Teams that spends tons of T-Cash to complete a task every 6 minutes and are done by the end of the day will always win out over folks who use factory preparation and don't pay to refresh the task board every time. If staggering the start times doesn't change the groupings then it doesn't help.

    I also realize that the problem may well be unsolvable. Some folks hate the idea that they will never effectively compete unless they spend T-cash (and the real money to obtain it). Some folks don't want to be penalized for their success by going head to head with like teams. Some teams do not like being cannon fodder every week. Yada yada. There are already threads on the forum that's beaten this horse to death so it's useless to revisit it one more time.

    Frustrating though

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    Quote Originally Posted by cdosr View Post
    .. There are already threads on the forum that's beaten this horse to death so it's useless to revisit it one more time.

    Frustrating though
    Agreed and agreed
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    Woah. Way to shut down a conversation...sorry for the horse corpse.

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