Hey guys! I’m new to the forum and to the game. I started playing because my real life name actually is Austin and it was quite a neat coincidence. I finished this William’s birthday decor event rather quickly since I am a very new player and was wondering if there were certain strategies for beginners that I should know about before proceeding.

Right now, strategywise I’m feeling quite a bit trapped since I feel like I shouldn’t be completing new levels until the next big event like this one comes around, otherwise the levels would probably be too difficult to pass and I won’t be able to get event decorations. However, in the meantime I’m simply just playing a waiting game and waiting a few months before it comes again. I’m also saving my stars and I have 100+ of them ready for when the new event comes out and I need a refill on lives.

I might start doing this for Gardenscapes too, but I don’t see a sign of event limited decors coming out.

Should I continue stocking? Maybe run a second account and see how far I can take it? I reckon I may end up forgetting about the game in boredom and hope that doesn’t happen. Any help is appreciated lol.