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Thread: Decor strategies for new players

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    Decor strategies for new players

    Hey guys! I’m new to the forum and to the game. I started playing because my real life name actually is Austin and it was quite a neat coincidence. I finished this William’s birthday decor event rather quickly since I am a very new player and was wondering if there were certain strategies for beginners that I should know about before proceeding.

    Right now, strategywise I’m feeling quite a bit trapped since I feel like I shouldn’t be completing new levels until the next big event like this one comes around, otherwise the levels would probably be too difficult to pass and I won’t be able to get event decorations. However, in the meantime I’m simply just playing a waiting game and waiting a few months before it comes again. I’m also saving my stars and I have 100+ of them ready for when the new event comes out and I need a refill on lives.

    I might start doing this for Gardenscapes too, but I don’t see a sign of event limited decors coming out.

    Should I continue stocking? Maybe run a second account and see how far I can take it? I reckon I may end up forgetting about the game in boredom and hope that doesn’t happen. Any help is appreciated lol.

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    hi Austin,

    I'm not far enough in the game to answer your questions, but wanted to say
    Welcome to the forum and the game!

    Hope you continue to have fun!

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    Thank you so much!

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    In any case it's a good sign already you found your way back to an answer to your post
    I think your idea with waiting for events to complete levels might be good, too - I think I have read here something like that, but for the life of me can't remember anymore for which of their game it was (Fishdom, Gardenscapes, Homescapes).
    Still hoping for you that a more experienced player comes by...

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    Ah it’s good. My plan is to start another account from scratch. One account (my original) is to save up for events like this, and the other one I go all out . I play Fishdom and gardenscapes as well, but that’s more of a casual play than Homescapes.

    Thank you so much!

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    Quote Originally Posted by My name is Austin View Post
    ....My plan is to start another account from scratch. One account (my original) is to save up for events like this, and the other one I go all out . ...
    That sounds like fun, and quite clever for testing both ways.

    I am not aware whether this game works similarly as Township, where one has to be careful with connecting two games on different levels to the same FB account (or so) and/or using the same device for two of them -- if you have a plan how to do that with the 2 accounts (on how many devices), better make sure you know how it works, ok

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    Sure thing. What I did was connect my mobile devices to Facebook, which I won’t be touching until the decor events (I’ll do the side mission for this cat hahaha). Then I have a bluestacks emulator which I will not be connecting to Facebook. That one I play at will . Thank you so much for your help again!

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    You're very welcome, Austin
    My knowledge re. FB is in the minus-range, though, so you'd better ask dreadnought

    whether your plan will work as expected, esp. as I seem to recall that Bluestacks is not supported anymore at all (unless that fits with your plan of playing totally alone).
    Good luck!

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