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Thread: Suggestion: Train/Airplanes

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    Suggestion: Train/Airplanes

    Even though I haven't been playing the game that long so it feels. But one thing I have noticed, is that when you unlock the ability to say send off up to two trains I have noticed that both trains look different. So then I though of the idea of perhaps allowing the trains/airplanes to be upgradeable just like the barn and factories. perhaps upgrades such as abilities to bring back more items or reduce the time it takes for them to return.

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    Trains can be upgraded to level 21 for a maximum time reduction of 50% less time and 50% experience points. You can also bring them all the way to level 31 to fully upgraded the experience points to 100%.

    Unfortunately, the airplane is cannot be upgrade, and honestly I like this way, cause sometimes 5 hours is enough to prepared for the next airplane but sometimes is not enough. So I believe airplanes are good as they are.

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