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Thread: More cars and upgrade roads

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    More cars and upgrade roads

    Good afternoon, dear Townshipers.
    This is my first idea.
    1. Make more vehicles on the roads in accordance with the number of population (The more non-population, the more cars on the roads).
    2. Make several types of roads (Urban, asphalt): avenue, highway, two-lane road and three-lane road.
    Thanks for reading

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    Yes! This is a very good idea!

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    This is a great idea, we do need an upgrade on the roads. I tend to find I only use 2 of them.

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    More cars. roads and buildings!

    Hello to all!
    I would like to see the following in my favorite game:
    1. Add Kinds of Roads (Asphalt):
    Three-lane road, four-lane road (two lanes on each side) and avenue.
    2. Add a correspondence between the number of people and the number of vehicles on the roads.
    3. Add more office buildings (Skyscrapers) at higher levels. (This will apply to either "City buildings" or "Residential buildings")

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    hi Vayrus,

    it's not necessary to post your idea twice. It won't happen faster or at all
    It will take a while until the Devs hear about this, if at all, and even longer, until you would see a result.
    You can also try to send your wish from ingame, to reach them better. But it would still take long.

    As comment to your ideas: I am not keen on more cars or car-related things, esp. not huge streets. But if it stays the way it is also, that I can use some roads that don't allow cars, we should be both fine (IF Playrix does something there).

    I personally am even less in favour of more skyscrapers; I didn't even buy those we have already. There's a thread here somewhere, just asking for more smaller houses, lol. But here also, if they add what you wish as deco (additionally, I hope, so I can buy different deco ), all good.

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