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Thread: Can't join a team

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    Can't join a team

    Trying to join a team. any team. the "join" button is green but when I click it, nothing happens. I can click it a bunch of times and still nothing happens. tried multiple devices and multiple different teams. I do qualify.

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    Make sure they don’t already have a limit of 30. That could be why. You might need to look around - or you can form your own team and hopefully get some others who are looking to join.

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    It's not even close to 30. tried a bunch. I don't want to form my own team.

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    Ich kann auch keinem Team beitreten. Nicht einmal eins Gründen, da kann man 20 mal oder mehr auf beitreten oder erstellen klicken, nix passiert. Limit ist nicht auf 30, wo ich anklickte bei den Teams. Bin lvl über 40

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    Well then its bit complicated..Bcoz such problem comes only when members are full...So bit surprising it is DQFanSurvey
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