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    Red face Water in ZOO encosures

    Graphics in this game is for me wonderful, sometimes there is strange view in sizes of objects, but in general is o.k.
    In one of upgrades Playrix promise, that all water in enclosures will move. And it did, I check.

    Bald eagles doesn`t have moving water, it is more visible because there are cascades.
    I would like to see those cascades to move.

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    I see what you mean. Maybe it was an oversight, hopefully they'll correct it soon. I like your town,your zoo looks fun!

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    Thank you Kitelady. yours too. I see you waiting for wolf enclosure to, I still need 50 bricks. Hope they will come soon.

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    I agree, I have just started to build my bald eagle enclosure, and I would like to see the water cascading as it should be. Both of you have very nice towns and zoos! 🙂

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