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Thread: Team - what is meaning of grouping

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    Team - what is meaning of grouping

    Hi, I didn`t play for few weeks and when joining again I got update with option of joining team or made one of my own.
    But I didn`t find any information what this teams are for (except help with lives and chat).
    I didn`t find information on this forum or Facebook.
    Does anyone now more about this?

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    We’re all just learning. I just randomly picked a team and now I can receive and give lives since I didn’t do it through Facebook. Not sure what else there is to it, although I’m sure we’ll find out eventually.

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    I think it’s just another way to promote more fierce competition by showing individual and team rankings among players in order for Fishdom to sell more you know what.
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    Under team stats one thing listed is team score, anyone know what that is? The in game faqs only offer basic info.

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    Fishdom will have team competitions soon. I don’t know the exact details, but I have been playing another Playrix game called Homescapes and the team competitions have been happening in that game for the past few weeks now. It is best to be on a full team of thirty in order to more easily win. On Homescapes, we have seen competitions that pit several teams against each other to win the most puzzles. We have also seen competitions where your team has to win a set amount of puzzles (e.g. 150 or 200 total). As you can see, the more people on a team the better. We have won first place on Homescapes with 5 players, but we spend the whole weekend doing it. A team can have up to 30 players (which would be ideal).

    Katychouli and anyone reading this post. I have a Fishdom team of seven. I would love to have you join our team. We are FightingFish and our flag is a pufferfish.

    Take care,


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