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Thread: Plz implement a decoration mode with a toggle switch icon.

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    Plz implement a decoration mode with a toggle switch icon.

    I am frustrated to see another icon added to the screen for team building which further reduces the viewing estate of the aquariums. Right now there are simply too many icons cluttering the screen that handicap the best part of Fishdom experience, i.e. viewing and decorating the aquariums. I miss the good old screen arrangement when Fishdom was first released.

    Can the developers create a toggle switch allowing the users to switch between two screen modes: a decoration mode and a play mode? The play mode will display the current screen arrangement. The decoration mode will allow minimal icons only essential for feeding fish, cleaning aquarium, purchasing decoration, switching among aquariums, and moving decoration plus the screen mode toggle (using home button) in place of the play button.

    A suggestion: change from play mode to decoration mode by double tapping the play button.

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    Great idea! And the fact that the team icon is now where the change aquarium icon used to be, I am constantly hitting that instead of the one to switch aquariums.

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    My screen has so many icons that I hardly have any room for decorations. The game won't allow decorations near icons so even more space is wasted. I wish they'd get rid of that Fishy Bank icon. I never use it!

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