Every time I fail to finish a level and choose not to continue, Austin pops up, wearing his sad face, and says, "You'll lose all the widgets you've collected, if you stop now."

Does anyone else find this annoying?

I thought my answer through before I clicked 'End level'. I don't need second-guessed every single time.
Also, trying to persuade me using widgets is worse than useless.

When I reach the end of a level, I ask myself two questions.
1. Can I finish this level in 5 moves or less?

If the answer is no, I end the level. If I continue, I will lose 900 coins, in addition to all the widgets that Austin is fretting about.

If the answer is yes, I go to question 2.
Do I have 900 coins?

If I have 900 coins and know exactly how to finish the level, I will probably continue.

If I don't have 900 coins, I end the level.

Austin, please notice that widgets aren't mentioned at all in my questions. Waving them in front of me and making me stop and repeat myself every time only serves to annoy me.

There was a wonderful time, some thousand levels back, when there was a checkbox next to Austin that said, "Don't remind me again." I clicked it and enjoyed almost a week of peace and quiet before the next revision came out. The checkbox was gone and Austin was waiting at the end of every, single, level.

Can we have that checkbox back, please? I'll even click it once a week, if it makes somebody feel better about giving me the option.