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    Question Exiting game

    Hi, I know this question may have been answered before but as I have sight problems I can't look through all the posts, sorry. I just started playing Township on PC and like it but I can't see how to exit the game when I have to go. At the moment I'm having to use Task Manager to stop the app but I thought maybe there's something I haven't spotted where I can just quit?

    Thanks a lot in advance.

    Just noticed also, my coins aren't increasing as I send orders out, I think this game hates me
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    If you're playing in full screen mode, you have to hover with your mouse pointer on the upper edge of the screen, and after a second the menu bar will appear, and you can click on the X in the corner.

    And regarding your coins, you will have to report that from within your game and the support team will help you out figuring out what the issue is.
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    Thanks for the info on exiting, sorted. The coin issue seems to have righted itself, when I opened the game today it showed the proper amount.

    Thanks again

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