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Thread: Looking for an active team

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    Looking for an active team

    I'm a very active member (I usually contribute 40+ to team events) and I would like a fully active team with a leader that removes any inactive members when needed. I am currently level 1363.

    If someone is in an active team can he/she write down the name of the team along with the logo?

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    New team, looking for members at moment. I am lvl 2901 happy for low lvls starting off to join as long as they contribute team name AYBABTU, open team with lvl 36 and min 10 help per week for team members.

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    I play on a PC can I be on a team or is that not available for PCs yet?

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    My team AYBABTU is open

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    Out team is open,need active players. Team name: jocar
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    Je viens de créer un groupe : Les percussifs
    Et je suis à la recherche de personnes qui aiment relever les défis et donner des vies.
    Vous êtes les bienvenus

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    We have won every competition with 5 players. We would like part of our week ends back so we would love more players. If you are serious, we want you! The team is Clegane and our flag has a dragon. You don’t have to like Game of Thrones to join. If you join and hate us and leave, we won’t be offended

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    Hi We are 'FieldsofDream' have 15 high achieving members, we won 6,000 coins from our last challenge with half the numbers of other teams and would welcome new active members. Hoping to get to full strength (30) very soon! Help for lives always available, feel free to hop over and give us a try! Dee

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