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Thread: Why does game support not answer help request

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    Why does game support not answer help request

    I have lost items in my zoo area and have submitted numerous help request through my game . Every automated reply says to go back to game to submit new request and additional information on what platform you are using and what you were doing when the issue happened. Every time i have done that i still get the same automated message. I even went to the developers website to contact support and so far after 5 days and more than 20 submitted help requests still no actual answer from any human on the support staff. Anyone else having this issue?

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    This does not sound like the attentive responses I receive to my requests.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EThunderbird View Post
    This does not sound like the attentive responses I receive to my requests.
    It seem a regular problem for player on Windows PC. I have no idea why they run in such a circle.

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    It doesn’t help that people rush to contact support for minor reasons like a regatta task time-out. They must get thousands of stupid messages a day.

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    I also don`t have bad experience with support.
    I always choose following way:
    1. choose help and support and take conversation icon immediately
    2. when options for help appear, I choose the closest one for my problem
    3. you should get window where you describe problem
    4. describe, add picture if you have and e-mail, write down case number (second line)
    5. after sending message , just be sure that in respond they tell you, that someone will read and answer you (it is automated message thow).
    6. if it seas that they hope, the answer is o.k. just send one response again on the same conversation, I usually add "read above".

    The answer will come in a few days to more weeks. Conversation is open and available all the time and you can send new respond after a few days.

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    I think CS is hit and miss. I had a good experience last time I contacted them, very helpful, but the previous occasion was not good at all. They took around 10 days for an actual person to respond. The answer they gave was completely unsatisfactory, but they closed the ticket on me therefore endiing the conversation.

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    I usually get a good response from them in the end, but it can take a few days.
    I can't remember a time when it's taken weeks.
    However after 48hrs I will send another reply.

    In my message I always include at the end,.... Please do not close this conversation until it has been resolved to my satisfaction.
    So far I've been lucky I guess because they never have.

    As always the initial response is automated, so I reply please read above.
    Always reply to the same message, don't open another for the same problem or it will get lost in the jungle of messages they get daily.
    Give them a couple of days to answer, they probably have a small team to answer every query,

    Good luck getting your problem resolved and quickly.

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