What do you do as soon as a land extension is ready?
Do you immediately color it completely green, blue or yellow? Maybe white because you are in a snowy area on that spot?
Or do you leave it intact so that you can see some sand drifts here and there in your town?

And how often do you actually use... brown?
Let me show you how that your trees look different, not necessarily better, but just look different if they are not based on grass but on soil.
Just like the difference between palm trees that have either grass or sand as a base.
On sand it looks warmer there, while the grass gives more the idea of ​​an Oasis.
Dark brown even seems to make your Agricultural land look more fertile.
What it does in any case is connect your pieces of farmland. Do you see the difference?
This also works under the Tree trunk paving. It looks slightly different!

Do you use this too?
Or do you have a different Soil ution, do you alsouse a different surface or pavement to make places in your city look a little different than usual?
Very curious to hear from you!