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Thread: Zoo. Number of tasks available.

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    Zoo. Number of tasks available.

    Do you get more tasks available in your zoo if you have more enclosures completed? Or if you level up? Or does everyone have the same limit. Also, once you've completed ALL your tasks, how do you access the tab to speed up the next one. If I go to the bulletin board to see when the next task is coming, there's no way to speed it up...however, if I still have one task available, I can press the tab at the bottom if it and speed up one with t-cash. Is this just something you have to manage before finishing your last task?

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    Unfortunately, the maximum zoo tasks you can have on the board at all times is 8, regardless of how many enclosures or animals you have. You can always speed up orders even if you did them all by going inside the zoo and press on the checklist board in between the book and house icon to the lower right corner. It will say something along "All your zoo orders are done your animals are happy", and in very tiny letters at the bottom there will be a countdown saying how much time until next order and right next to it you will have the option to speed it up.

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