Good morning!

This is my 1st regatta since the up date. I had part of a kidney removed so wasn't able to play for a couple of weeks.

I have a question on the reserves.
Was up at 3am CST for the start. Selected my first task which was weird, since it would only let me select a train task to start with. Was ready to go back to bed, looked over what was available and reserved one of the new coin tasks. Get up at 7 this morning to continue of with trains but notice I have no task reserved. Looked at coins and it says can't reserve for 2hours and some. I thought when I reserved it I had 12 hours to start it?

I know this is on PC and no one plays on pc anymore. Otherwise there would be announcements and explanations like Ios and Android, even the ones poor little stepchild Kindle get. But until I can get a 32 inch phone screen I'm stuck on PC

Thanks ever so much,