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Thread: Lost Barn items

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    Lost Barn items

    I have send tech support a note but thought I would query the forum too.

    I recently started losing rubber and sugar items I have put in the barn. So far, that seems to be the only items I have tracked. I searched the forum for similar posts but didnt find anything.

    YES : I have plenty of barn space so that's not it.

    Has anyone else had or herd of this problem ?


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    No, haven't heard of that, rj, sure is bad.
    It might help to tell us a bit more: Which OS is that?
    From where did you put the items in your barn (fields, market, dealer, chat request)? - which items?
    All of it or parts vanished (as far as you noticed, of course)?
    How did you notice?

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    All great questions. I am playing on a Android OS Samsung 8. The items are going from the factory to the barn and are there as I exit the game.
    When I return they are partially gone. I am still tracking for a pattern , but not all the items are gone. For example : If I had x to start and added 5 rubber mats to the barn inventory, I would have x+5. When I return, I have more than zero but less than x+5 showing.

    I first noticed when my barn totals seemed off when I logged on one time. IE : Less than what should have been stored. I then started to pay attention and made the discovery (in the last week).

    Only sugar and rubber seems to be effected. Very odd. Since rubber is a time consuming and high value item, I am starting to get ticked off

    Full disclosure : I am a computer nerd and know program very well. It just doens't make logical sense to me. Somewhere pointers are getting lost maybe ??
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    All good answers, rj, and still don't have an idea, not even where you could have overlooked something. And that combination, sugar and rubber!?! odd - btw, you said sugar things at first, what is it? (poking around in the dark, I know)

    As for your nerd ideas, lol, it's good you have sent your report to Playrix! they get game data with the report, as you have probably seen, so can hopefully find the source of that problem, as it doesn't seem to be a common bug. You did send from ingame and did reply to their first automatic reply saying the problem still exists, yes?

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    Sugar cubes and syrup for sugar items. Yes : I replied and now have an update. This get curiouser and curiouser.
    I lost a harvest of cotton When I harvested them, I got XP credit but when I went to manufacture a bold of cloth : poof no cotton.

    I suspect a memory leak issue and did a power down of my cell phone. So far today - no problems.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rj-01 View Post
    I suspect a memory leak issue and did a power down of my cell phone. So far today - no problems.
    oops, that's indeed the usual first advice, lol. Crossing fingers it stays without that strange "grouping" now!

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    multiple times game brought me back in time - I got back trains I've sent already, products in factories that I started weren't there. I wasn't checking the barn, but this might be the case too.
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    I find that if my game shuts down before it updates the server on Playrix side, it will set me back in time. Just a timing issue. Don't know about stuff missing but i know i got more bread than i made . . . . guess i'm on the opposite end of your black hole?
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