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Thread: Feeding banana bread to ducks and other bad deals.

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    On a direct comparison, you are right.

    What you are not considering is the item you would have bought from the dealer instead and whether that trade off makes sense. Let's say I buy an item I cannot make and sell it in the heli. I might be making more of a profit with that item than I will be making a loss off the bread/feathers. It's a trade off. I'm sure you know this. Also, for those who may not play the game quite as often (and thus fewer dealer purchases per day), it may be better for them to buy other items.

    And may I add that I hate the duck factory. The otters give way more stuff. What's up with that?!?!

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    I think having an additional ship or two would be a great idea. Between the ducks, otters, and zoo requests I’m finding that I cannot keep up at all with island goods and am constantly buying them from Raja. 5 - 6 ships would definitely help!

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    I would much rather use banana bread to feed the ducks and get the most product possible than wait an hour and a half to get less product. Some who have been playing this game for awhile have stated their preference for using banana bread. It isn’t a bad deal. If you want to waste Raja on duck feathers and blue feathers, it is your choice ... but in my opinion, using Raja for that purpose is a bad deal.

    As for bad deals, I think the perception of a bad deal in some instances varies depending on one’s level and the task. For example, helicopter orders are bad deals if using strictly for coins, but to quickly blast through a Regatta task, they are great.

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    Banana bread is not super expensive or difficult to do, so I always use it to get feathers. Why to use it? You get more feathers and faster. Buying feathers in store works if they are offered.

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