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Thread: Township on kindle vs kids + where is the save file when app crash ?

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    Question Township on kindle vs kids + where is the save file when app crash ?


    So I recently allowed my 5 and 7 yo to play township through their kindle fire HD8, which I thought would help overall organizational skills, figuring things in advance to do deliveries, from the wool and cotton come the clothes, milk can create this and that etc...
    I thought we had a nice idea... But after a few weeks, I am having 2 issues...
    1 - when the guy with the video add appears in the helicopter delivery, one of the add I guess give access to yahoo (despite browser not being allowed in parental settings) kids can search for whatever they want, check youtube etc...
    2 - the app crash on my 5yo tablet (well, it kind of re-download 95% and jam) and I would like to save his progress before removing the app and somehow re-installing it....
    Where do I find the file to save ? I wish they could save their progress online but facebook is only for people age 13+.

    Thank you for any advice you can send my way...

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    Hi Melusine I have a kindle and am not on FB. I regularly uninstall and reinstall Township when I have issues with the game and it always brings my game back up. On one occasion it looked like it was starting a new game I just closed it and reopened it and my game was there. You must make sure you have your device connected to the internet when you uninstall/reinstall the game obviously but you shouldn't have any problems doing it . Your games progress is saved on Playrix servers. FB is good to save your game to when switching tablets/devices although Amazon kindle usually transfers it straight onto a new kindle if you register it to the same Amazon account.

    Sorry can't help with the browser issue as I don't have parental controls set up on my kindle so it's not a problem I'm familiar with.

    Hope this helps .
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