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    I may be naive, but are the friends that Township shows you real or like Ernie, are they just made up? Are you looking at somebody's actual township, or something the computer has generated? The same question applies to the coops. I don't plan on connecting with any of my real world friends, but I'm leery of connecting to a complete stranger.

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    The players proposed as potential friends to you are real. Having friends in Township do not means real interaction. It just means you will see their requests for help and they will see yours. You may never know their real name or where they are on the planet.

    Co-ops are something else as there is a chatroom. Players have more interaction.
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    Just to expand a bit on what Graylady said, you might notice that some of the "friends" the game offers you use Township profile pics, and others have real photos of themselves, or animals or whatever. These photos are their profile pics from Facebook, and if you decide to connect your game to Facebook you get the choice of using your own photo or one of the ingame avatars.

    When you visit someone else's town, that is actually what their town looks like, though there may be a slight time difference due to them using different servers - I have two towns and if one visits the other sometimes it's a little bit behind.

    As Graylady said, you can't really communicate with ingame friends, so unless you use your real name in your town name, or display your country's flag in your town, there is no way they can tell anything about you. With co-ops they're all different, you can communicate with other members in the co-op chat box, but some don't chat at all, others call each other by their town names and don't share personal information, some might ask your name and what country you're from and leave it at that, and others chat a lot and get to know each other quite well, maybe become friends on Facebook, or talk to each other using Messenger. You have to decide for yourself what you choose to share, and find a co-op you feel comfortable in. I think the best advice is to try a few co-ops till you find one that suits you, both in your style of play, and in how much you want to interact with teammates.

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    thank you both for the useful info. Now, back to the farm.

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