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Thread: Please help!!!

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    Please help!!!

    Playing Regetta opened a chest I had to send out five planes in 5 days sent out out 2. I have 4 days left but saying that I failed the task, my son got the same message. Could it be because we are sharing a chest together? This is only our second Regatta game. Please advise and thank you in advance.

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    Yasmine723- I know u must b frustrated. U r playing in the Interseasonal Regatta. Actually 3 different people can work on 1 single chest at one time (3 task per chest, 1 Task per person). So u & your son working on same chest is not the problem. Have u tried contacting Customer Service & asking them?

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    Yasmine, did time run out on your son's task? If it did you lose your task as well.

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    Ashdust : no he started at the same time.

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    Yes, but his task may have had a different time limit. Each of the three tasks in a chest can have different time limits. E.g. five planes till the end of regatta, but feeding 135 animals only 20 hours ...
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    As you know each chests have three (3) tasks. However each task has a different time limit, for example:

    Task 1 - takes 4 hours to complete
    Task 2 - takes 1 day 10 hours to complete
    Task 3 - takes 5 days to complete


    - You took "Task 3" - you have a full 5 days to get yours done
    - Your son took "Task 1" - he only has 4 hours to complete the entire task. If he thought his time limit the same as yours...then the task timed out and the entire chest was lost.

    So it is not the time you start that counts...but the time you finish that does. Just be mindful of the ending time limits.

    Goodness knows...I have had a couple time out on me because I looked at the wrong timer or...forgot about it...or...ehem...fell asleep...but we won't talk about those...

    This link will take you to a page that explains ISR in a bit more detail:

    Hope our answers helped!
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    ...and don't forget the ingame help...

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