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Thread: How do you play?

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    How do you play?

    Curious on the different game play styles.
    I like to play where I save up my stars to around 50-60 so I can do a day at a time.

    How do you play? Per task per day or something inbetween?

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    Pretty much like what you're doing. Since my time can be limited, I'll save up stars during the week and then on the weekends I'll do the tasks. Playrix added new levels just yesterday, so I'll try to beat those and I too like to collect many stars before doing any tasks. At one point I had nearly 1400 stars, but when I ran out of levels to play and started playing 'keys', I've been doing more tasks and now I'm down to 200+ stars or so.

    Interesting enough, I'm noticing that there are still a number of areas that have yet to be opened. At the rate that Playrix releases levels and the amount of stars it takes to get an area done......this game could continue on for literally years!

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