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    Quote Originally Posted by _DD_ View Post
    ~ Twilight, I've left out the Scorpio, I think it was just an oversight in deletion?

    sooo... no-one here complaining about their missing birthday well-wishers?! Where is everyone?
    And do we have really nooo December-children [who dare to come out of hiding]?!

    in any case, here are the other additions and fun facts!

    For Sagittarius, first post was in November and first emojs - quite unusual ones - are here.
    We have further: - grim, eh!

    a rather famous, hence almost common presentation

    and our little alien again:

    For Capricorn, we have these this month:

    hm.. a mixture between a cat (or a bear), ear-wise, and a fish... Sure, why not.

    Here's the more common presentation:

    or maybe not *G*

    Anyway, alien-wise, they have capricorns, too:


    - and btw, just where it was found; it has nice explanations there, but is not a life philosophy nor meant here as anything else/serious to debate) ...

    As always, thank-you for the fun pics! I like the smiley ones best. Think it would have been most humorous if they had put little legs on the Sagittarius. I do find that alien Capricorn very a little pocket pet.

    And, Yes. Where are our December birthdays?? (shouting...) Where arrrrre you?
    I Did Not Eat The Cake! Honest! Oh..Ok...Fine...soooo I might have taken a slice...

    Good point _DD_!
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    "If I am found vague, listless or agitated, Administer Chocolate Immediately." Sandra Boynton

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