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Thread: Birthday Wishes - Happy Birthday To...

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    Yay! Party time again!

    It's the 20th (here), and so, Twilight's birthday!

    Happy b'day, Twilight - herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag!

    aaaand today: aaall cake is yours! isn't that the best present...
    no complaints afterwards about your weight then, though, ok!

    Have a great day, Twilight!
    so happy to have you!
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    Happy Birthday Twilight! Hope you have a wonderful day

    To add to the yummy cakes DD has provided, maybe something healthy? lol

    Ah who am I kidding, it's your birthday,you don't want healthy! .......Enjoy it all!!!
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    Dang can't stay away too long or you miss the parties. Happy happy to all.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lightbox View Post
    Dang can't stay away too long or you miss the parties. ...
    yep, that's dangerous behavio(u)r anyway! But we're prepped at all times to have a glass ...

    ...of, say, mineral water with each other! Thanks for the wishes!

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    mmmm...soooo goood...

    And Happy Birthday to anyone else sharing this date!
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    Happy Birthday and all the best for you, Twilight! And, always remember: as long as cocoa grows on trees, chocolate counts as fruit

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    Happy birthday Twilight, as you got the chocolate cake already, I only have this little present for you:

    (Psst tap on the emoji)
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    Happy Birthday Twilight!

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    Happy birthday Twilight, lol, if I could I would give you a gym membership for all the cake and chocolate you love so much! Hope you had a great reading your posts, thanks

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