An idea for future update in regards to teammates tournaments, yes it’s a team effort but let me give you an example from the last tournament. My team came in 4th place winning 45,000 coins which of course is split between my 30 members. That part is perfectly fair. However when I looked at who contributed to the team win I was disturbed. There was 15 players who worked their tails off to win 4th place and 15 players who didn’t play any levels. Since the prize is split through the entire team I don’t think it’s fair that the players who didn’t play or contribute to the team win should receive any prize money. I think when you split the reward coins it should only be split among the players who actually played. For example I personally played 70 levels, the person under me played 34 levels. So why should me and my players who played many many levels to win it for our team have to split the reward with the players who did nothing. Please do something and make it fair.