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Thread: Ads disappear at strategic times!

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    Ads disappear at strategic times!

    Lucky me! I had been getting ads on a surprisingly regular basis lately. But, unfortunately they seemed to have disappeared at key times during the last 2 tournaments. All of a sudden not 1 ad to acquire the needed diamonds for the 5 extra moves. Makes winning anything pretty much impossible. I'm sure Fishdom deliberately does this to try to get me to purchase diamonds. Many players probably give in when it means winning or losing a game and moving up the winners list. Just another way Fishdom works against it's fans.

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    I agree, although I'm lucky enough to get ads and receive diamonds, / coins but I have a friend who can't receive any because the ads don't work. After contacting Fishdom support they blamed it an angorrym that randomly selects who gets the bonus. This is rubbish, I also believe it's to force people to spend money to buy more diamonds.

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    I was told the same alga

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    I was given the same algorithm line by Fishdom when my ads disappeared. After a month or 2 they finally came back. This has happened a couple of times. Playing with no ads for diamonds is not fun. The diamonds are so important and Fishdom is very stingy handing them out, one here another there. It takes days to get 9 without ads!

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