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Thread: No way to win

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    No way to win

    You claim every level is winable without using coins for extra moves or using powerups. Well tell me how can I win a level when you don't even have the required element on the game board without buying coins to continue to get the said required elementl?

    (Trying to put in a screenshot of what I am talking about but don't know how)
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    Can you be more specific? I think perhaps you are misunderstanding some aspect of game play. You certainly never need to spend real money to level up in Township.

    If you're talking about the color cube event game, yeah, some of those games seem to require the "extras" to win, but who cares? Sometimes you get lucky and win a higher level without them, or you don't. The event games are just for fun in terms of building your town. You don't have to participate in them to grow your town.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dorothy Fee View Post
    (Trying to put in a screenshot of what I am talking about but don't know how)
    Although this is about Gardenscapes, you can try whether this thread helps you for posting a screenshot.
    Note also the 2nd post there, where Graylady mentions the size. There are free programs online to downsize your files.

    It might also help to mention the game lvl you are talking about, and to do a search here in the forum whether it was mentioned before. I vaguely remember some posts claiming that the last few <whatevers> didn't drop (and some of them were right, IIRC, so had to do an ingame report).

    Good luck!

    ETA: If HappyDog is right and you meant Township, this is the wrong forum for it.
    And s/he is right in any case IMO that buying something in any game is always your decision - there are many gamers also here, who proudly claim they have reached their high levels w/o buying.

    Surely that doesn't excite the Devs either, and so the competition goes on... *g*
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    I agree. Most levels are not winnable unless you use without spending money to win. I not only play this game but others and you don’t have to play over and over for hours and days to get through one level. It’s fun to play but gets tedious if you have too much trouble. I want to decorate the garden but can’t if you can’t earn stars.

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